What Criminals With Guns?

By Marc MacYoung. July 29th, 2017
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Ask yourself: What is the one element that is present in the supermajority of shootings by another person?

Not talking suicide by gun. (Which typically are three times more common than gun homicides and usually make up just over half of all suicides.*) I’m talking about being killed or wounded by a firearm in the hands of another person. (Or hell, even shot at.)

Before I go on, let me point something out. Something that has a major influence on why there’s an elephant in the room. An elephant that not only the Government isn’t talking about, the cops know it, but don’t make official statements or talk about it in court, and gun control advocates are mum about it too. It’s called a “bill of attainder.” The US Constitution prohibits them as do the constitutions of all 50 states.

So what is a bill of, writ of, act of attainder? From the dictionary: Under English common law, the state of having lost one's legal and civil personhood, as through losing the legal capacity to own or pass on property. In plain English it’s when you’re condemned by the state as a criminal (or traitor) without trial or specific charge. You’re -- literally -- declared an outlaw. Not in the romantic bad ass sense of the word, but meaning you’re outside the protection of the law. Civil rights? You don’t have any. Protection by the law? Nope. Sure they can shoot you down like a rabid dog on sight. But more than that they can put you in prison without trial and throw away the key. But the cashier’s check about this is anything you own can be seized by the powers that be -- again, without trial or chance to defend yourself. Taking this a step further, it’s not necessarily a specific crime, it’s just that you are... you know ... a criminal and therefore deserve all this happening to you.

“No bill of attainders allowed” doesn’t sound like a big thing, but quite frankly, you don’t want the government to have the ability to write them up. It’s been abused way too often in the past by the rich and powerful. They tell someone in the court, “this guy pissed me off” and ‘Viola!’ you’re a state certified outlaw -- and everything you own is seized.

As an individual in the US you can ONLY be charged with a specific crime. ** This nix on bill of attainders is why -- if you listen very carefully -- you’ll not hear cops, lawyers, law makers, etc, refer to someone as ‘a criminal,’ (on the record) but more commonly refer to the person as “involved in criminal activity.” While you might hear someone referred to as a career criminal that’s both dancing close to the line and still the person can only be charged for specific crimes. While ‘career criminal acknowledge the individual is making his livelihood through criminal activities it’s not branding the individual as an outlaw for just breathing. It does however, have a lot to do with sentencing. (Habitual is another common term.)

Now to the average person this sounds stupid. Because we all know there are criminals. We know the cops and courts know there are criminals. If you’ve dealt with them you know it’s not just a career, it’s a way of life and mindset. .......

This very substantial opinion piece (read the rest) focusses in on various aspects of crime but in particular the often under rated gang aspect. It is this to a great extent which colors the opinions and efforts of those who promote 'gun control' and favor ever more laws, which only ever really penalizes the law abiding people. It is those who must have their legitimate Second Amendment means to defend against the criminals.

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