California Politics-
Of, By, and For the Elite

By Rob Morse. August 6th, 2017

I wrote about the blatant bigotry of California gun laws, particularly the way concealed carry permits were issued in Los Angeles. In LA County, mostly rich white guys with political connections got their carry permits. A reader noticed something I'd missed. We're ruled by elites. Politicians make gun laws that the politicians don't have to follow. Law enforcement applies the laws..laws that don't apply to the police. Judges rule on gun laws..again, laws that don't apply to judges. We established government of, by, and for the elites. Disarming honest citizens might cost politicians votes, but it costs us lives. I'll spell it out for you step by step.

California legislators have been exempt from state gun laws for years. Those laws recently changed again, but that explains why the California Democrats are so quick to pass more restrictive gun laws. These new laws apply to us, but there are another set of rules for our rulers. Politicians get their permits to carry concealed weapons in public, but you don't. Depending on who is in power in Sacramento, the legislators can even get permission to carry in the capital..where you may not.

State legislators are not alone. Sheriffs routinely give concealed carry permits to local politicians while denying these permits to law abiding citizens. And speaking of law enforcement.. .......

"It's not what you know -- it's who you know" continues in several states, not just CA, to be one of the most profound influences on whether a carry permit is or is not granted. Perhaps California is at the top of the list for this mechanism. Then of course also, apart from the standing on the elitism ladder, is the power of the Dollar - "buying" what should simply be your right can be easily influenced by that nice fat 'donation' to the local sheriff's office! "Good reason" can very easily be interpreted to suit a whim.

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