DC Wants To Takes Its Chance
Before SCOTUS On This 2A Issue

By Tom Knighton. August 27th, 2017

While the Supreme Court may have passed on one case dealing with "may issue" permitting laws, it looks like the District of Columbia will be giving them another shot to hear such a case. It seems that the D.C. attorney general didn't like an appeals court decision that smacked down the city's licensing system.

In particular, the fact that it's virtually impossible for people to actually get one.

The attorney general for D.C. is challenging a U.S. Appeals Court's decision that knocked down the District's gun permit laws.

A.G. Karl Racine filed a petition for a review by the full U.S. Court of Appeals of the July decision of a three-judge panel that found the city's conditions to apply for a permit to carry a gun on the street were unconstitutional.

"The District's requirement that those requesting concealed-carry permits must have a 'good reason' for doing so is virtually identical to rules in other cities and states -- requirements that four other federal appeals courts have left in place," Racine said in a statement.

The appeals panel, which ruled 2-1, said the law violates the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The District has only granted 126 licenses but turned down 417, which certainly indicates a big problem. .......

It remains to be seen if SCOTUS will take this case on, but if it does then just perhaps we could see a more widespread ruling against other 'may issue' states. It has long been the case that application of the "good reason" judgement with applications has been the classic way to refuse, based it would almost seem on decision maker's whims regarding interpretation of "good reason". It's long past time for nationwide uniformity.

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