Industry Group Makes
Statement On Microstamping

By Tom Knighton. September 5th, 2017

We get it. Hoplophobes don't like guns.

They make it clear with everything they do. One of the more annoying things is a requirement to use microstamping technology on guns sold in the state of California. I'll admit it, this should have been on the list of dumb gun control laws, but I didn't think about it. Why? Because it's so impractical as to be unthinkable.

Yet, it's the law.

As reports, however, industry groups are taking issue with this law because of that impracticality.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute argued to the California Supreme Court in a filing last month that the state's 2007 law requiring new semi-auto handguns sold in the state to have the capability to permanently mark shell casings fired through the gun with an identifying mark asks for something that cannot be done. As such, the state has whittled down the number of pistols certified for sale to the point that the industry has lost $183 million annually since 2013 in missed sales to California's gun owners....

It's not like California is particularly known for even caring for the spirit of the Second Amendment. .......

Microstamping - again! This is a near useless measure to help fight crime and is instead just another measure to potentially increase ''gun control''. Even if manufactuers were able to implement the almost ridiculous engineering requirements, measures to circumvent the process will be found. Either the stamping mechanism itself would be somehow negated or perhaps users of semi automatic handguns would take to using case catchers! Microstamping is about as 'useful' as 'smart' technology and effectively an infringement on the Second Amendment.

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