American Bar Association Wants To
Destroy Due Process For Gun Owners

By Tom Knighton. September 14th, 2017

You'd expect a group of attorneys to understand the law. For all the lawyer jokes that fly around, the ones I know are all good, honorable people working at a job that everyone needs at some point, but no one respects. Of course, they're probably not too thrilled about what the American Bar Association is currently pulling.

It seems that this august group of lawyers has decided that gun rights should be thrown out the window if someone asks hard enough.

It's common for lawmakers to go after guns when there's a "crisis." The governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands ordered the National Guard to seize guns before Hurricane Irma hit, and the mayor of New Orleans did something similar before Katrina. More broadly, lawmakers often go after guns in smaller crises, such as domestic violence situations or when there are concerns that a potentially dangerous person might misuse a gun. While that might seem like a good policy in theory, it should concern anyone who cares about due process and protecting constitutional rights....... .......

Even the suggestion of lack of due process is more than concerning - there is no reason (other than being anti-gun) to differentiate between gun owners and anyone else. Rights are rights, regardless of any supposed qualifying factors. As the article mentions, any due process exemption on one thing can all too easily be the thin end of the wedge - what else might follow. It is decidedly dangerous.

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