Suicide and Guns:
Maryland Study Debunks itself

By Dean Weingarten. September 23rd, 2017
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As shown in the image above, many countries with extreme gun control have higher suicide rates than the United States. When criminologist's showed that murder rates either dropped or remained the same when guns were more easily accessed, proponents of a disarmed society turned to suicide.

Their studies about suicides "caused" by firearms ownership, tend to be junk science. Consider a recent "study" published only with the American Public Health Association. It was done about suicides in Maryland. Maryland is densely populated, and has extremely strict gun control. Only 3.5% of the suicides were in rural areas. The numbers are likely correct, but the interpretation leaves much to be desired. From

In particular, doctors need to pay close attention to gun use and mental health for men, the study results suggest.

That's because 89 percent of the gun-related suicides occurred among men, and because the higher rural suicide rate was only true for men.

Firearm suicide rates were 36 percent higher for rural men than urban men. But rural women were 37 percent less likely to commit suicide than urban women, regardless of the method.

The author of the study draws this mind numbing conclusion, directly in contradiction to the evidence just cited: .......

For the longest time, there has been a lot of blame attached to firearms as a means of suicide, in particular by the medical community and no doubt that will continue. However, the facts are somewhat different, in as much as the methods used for suicide are many and varied, such that in countries with low gun ownership the figures are still in most cases way higher than in the U.S. Japan is perhaps pretty much top of the list, and there aren't many guns there! Let's stop blaming the guns for everything bad.

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