Pittsburgh City Council Member Wants to
Ban Exercise of Second Amendment in Parks

By Dean Weingarten. October 2nd, 2017
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A City Council Member wants to ban the exercise of the Second Amendment in Pittsburg City parks. He seems oblivious that he is unconcernedly attempting to ban the exercise of a fundamental, enumerated, Constitutionally protected individual right. He is blind to how insensitive, uncaring, irrational, and ignorant he is appearing. Note a major clue. He equates his desire to control other people to a lack of children's "need" to see something. From

"I'm not looking to infringe on rights or take away where hunting may be permitted. I just don't think 7-year-olds playing little league baseball need to see assault rifles where they play," Gilman said.

A member of a statewide gun-owners group told TribLIVE that state law prohibits municipalities from enacting gun regulations, pointing to an ordinance in a township near Philadelphia that was overturned by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Gilman said his No. 1 goal is to keep kids and families safe.

"Parks are the basic area where our children play. We don't want them breathing cigarette smoke. We don't want them looking at weapons. We don't want them to play in any way in a dangerous environment," Gilman said.

In the United States, City Council Members do not have the authority to decide what other people need. .......

Once again the old "to keep families safe" is spouted -- not to mention the opinion that kids shouldn't have to see 'assault rifles' where they play. Come on -- one of the problems these days is the attempt to insulate children from even seeing a gun, let alone the lack of education on firearms that tends to go with that.

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