Tom Brokaw And 'Reasonable'
Talk On Gun Control

By Tom Knighton. October 3rd, 2017

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw had a harsh criticism for gun owners yesterday. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the venerable newsreader blamed gun owners for refusing to discuss gun control in any way, shape, or form. It seems we're all just too unreasonable to sit down and let our gun-grabbing betters tell us what to do.

NBC's Tom Brokaw stated Monday that gun owners get too "emotional" to talk to those who are on more "reasonable ground."

Browkaw said, "It's amazing what you can buy, at a gun show or illegally from other people."

He continued, "We can't have that conversation because it immediately becomes so emotional between the gun owners of the america [sic], who are protected by the NRA, and other people saying there ought to be a more reasonable ground. I'm a gun owner. I don't have one of the AR-15s. I don't need them. But almost all my friends out there have that kind of weapon."

Wow. Just . . . wow.

Well, it's good to know what we have someone like Tom Brokaw telling us all about "reasonable ground" on this issue. .......

We are all appalled at the horrifying shooting in Las Vegas - but needless to say, the knee-jerk reactions from the gun grabbers are totally predictable. One thing is pretty clear, no amount of ''gun control'' would have prevented this awful event. Any talk about ''reasonable'' ground would be nothing more than trying to take away rights by imposing 'privelages' or worse -- the massacre is sadly the ideal platform upon which to try once more to procure damaging infringements.

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