Townhall's Schlichter: 'You Don't
Get To Disarm Us. Not Ever'

By Tom Knighton. October 5th, 2017

The anti-gun forces are out. They're massed, ready for their push through the corpses of Las Vegas to try and infringe on our sacred right to keep and bear arms. Over at Townhall, veteran Kurt Schlichter had some harsh words for those who are now talking about how we need to have a "conversation" on guns.

I don't agree with liberals often, because I'm not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, "We must have a conversation about guns!" I still couldn't agree more. And, since all we've heard is you leftists shrieking at us all week, I'll start it off.

You don't ever get to disarm us. Not ever.

There. It sure feels good to engage in a constructive dialogue.

Now, we should have this conversation because in recent years we've seen a remarkable antipathy for the fact that normal Americans even have rights among those on the left. We should have this conversation to clear the air before leftists push too far and the air gets filled with smoke. But we really don't need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They're rights. There's nothing to talk about.

.... If you want a conversation, then also be ready to discuss non-gun issues that may contribute to violence. .......

As with every mass shooting, predictably, the left is in top gear with their cries for more ''gun control''. Not only do they usually fail to describe how any laws could have actually mitigated a massacre but, instead they seek to further their mission to, in effect, try and eventually ban all guns entirely. They perhaps fail to realize that they are up against staunch rights supporters who will NOT contemplate those rights being eroded and even stolen. The right to self defense is sacrosanct -- try to infringe on that and potentially be prepared for some scary consequences some say.

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