Guns and Violence --
A Bullet Point Reality Check

By Mark Alexander. October 11th, 2017

In the tragic wake of our nation's most recent sociopathic mass murder, there is a natural instinct in all of us to seek preventive measures to end such attacks. The uncomfortable truth is, however, that there are no measures to preclude the manifestations of evil.

But endeavoring to solve the "gun problem" in America, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has proposed the latest of some 23,000 federal, state and local laws regulating firearms -- in this instance the banning of the "bump stock" weapon adaptation that increased the lethality of this most recent assailant's firearms. That device was approved for sale in 2010 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under none other than Barack Hussein Obama's regime, at the same time that his corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder, was using that agency as a regulatory tool to implement their "gun control" agenda.

Feinstein admitted that no law would have stopped the Las Vegas assault: "[The assailant] passed background checks, registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions." She then remembered who she was and declared, "We need a law. . ."

But while such laws make good political fodder, the fallacy lies in their sense of solution and security: It's pure fantasy. .......

"'Sensible gun control' is the elite's euphemism for making sure that everyone except their bodyguards are deprived of guns", points out Political analyst George Neumayr. It is the word 'sensible', along with 'reasonable' from the left that should be regarded as dangerous, as plans to violate rights are invariably the planned mission. How much better it could be if instead of always blaming guns, some effort was put into controlling and remediating wicked behavior.

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