The Real and Imaginary
Dangers of Firearms Training

By Rob Morse. October 12th, 2017
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The most dangerous thing about guns is…

… I could accidentally wound my pride.
… I need a new gun before I can take a class.
… I could make a mistake in a self-defense class.
… I might look clumsy or unsafe, and leave my ego bleeding on the classroom floor.

These excuses feel familiar to me. Most gun owners have never taken a concealed carry course, so the feeling might be new to you. If we did get our permit, then most of us stopped there. We haven’t been to the range or taken a class in years. We like to shoot, but our fear of embarrassment keeps us from taking the next step.. from getting training.

Our fear also leaves our family at risk. When we step back and look at it, we would rather fail on the street in a self-defense encounter than submit to correction in a firearms class. Our fear of embarrassment in a firearms class is unfounded. That is the good news. .......

While training should not be made mandatory and sometimes prohibitively expensive, it is very important to be familiar with a firearm. In the hopefully very rare instance when a gun is needed for self defense, it is vital that it operates reliably as well as being effective. "Going bang" is not good enough. It is essential to be able to grip correctly, know safety rules, be accurate, clear a malfunction, and, know the law. Even basic training is better than none at all.

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