Gun Laws Fail Again...and People Die

By Rob Morse. October 27th, 2017
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I have a point of view. I used to think that gun laws stopped crime and made us safer. I would read about some violent attack and think that more regulation would stop the next criminal. Now, I’ve studied some of our 23 thousand firearms regulations. I see a violent crime as another failure of the many gun control laws we already have. Gun laws don’t work, and we can’t achieve safety by piling regulations on honest people.

Recent events are clear examples. We had a mass murderer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had another one in Edgewood, Maryland. Gun laws did not protect us from these attacks. As Senator Diane Feinstein admitted, no law would have stopped the Las Vegas gunman. The Senator is so right.

The Las Vegas murderer broke the rules as is usually the case. Let’s face it, if you’re going to murder scores of people you’re not going to be bothered by breaking a few hotel regulations. The Mandalay Bay Casino where the murderer stayed was a gun free zone. It was such a gun free zone that that even the hotel security guards were unarmed. The result was that the murderer had guns while the honest gun owners left their guns at home. Those gun-control restrictions left us less safe rather than making us safer. .......

Once again we reflect on the fact that no amount of ''gun control'' affects the criminals but instead can just disarm those who are honest and law abiding. Furthermore we can give thought to the almost frightening proportion of 'gun-free-zones' - places where the criminal has almost free reign to achieve mayhem.

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