Harvard Professor Takes
Issue With Firearms Training

By Tom Knighton. October 29th, 2017

Harvard University's David Hemenway isn't a gun fan. He's apparently a favorite of the left when they need a friendly academic to bolster their inane rhetoric. Hemenway's latest effort comes when he, and a handful of others, decided to look at what people are actually taught at a firearms class.

All trainers covered a wide variety of safety issues. Some specific basics were covered in 90+% of the classes, including how to safely load/unload a gun, keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and being aware of your target and what is behind it. In 50%-75% of the classes, the trainer covered topics such as operating a safety, clearing jams and cartridge malfunctions, and recommended storing guns unloaded and locked when not in use. Few instructors covered firearm suicide prevention (10%) or domestic violence (10%). Most encouraged gun ownership, gun carrying, gun use in self-defense and membership in a gun rights group.

You know, you'd be surprised to learn that gun instructors actually take safety very seriously...unless you actually knew anyone in the gun community, where you'd see that desire for safety to be incredibly serious and universal.

Most also covered things like operating a firearm because, well, that's what people are paying to learn. Duh. .......

The bottom line with this professor seems to be that he would like to see "safe storage" of firearms - you know, how to keep a gun stored under lock and key and unloaded. Perfect for near impossible access in an emergency. This is one of the things that those less than gun-friendly like to promote, along with of course many of the usual items like wanting to ban hi-cap magazines and those nasty black rifles.

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