Report -- Most Guns Used In
Chicago Crime Are Straw Buys

By Tom Knighton. October 30th, 2017

Gun control advocates routinely claim that increasing the burdens to lawfully purchase a firearm will somehow reduce the use of firearms in criminal activities. Gun rights advocates buck such claims, noting that criminals aren't the kind of people who are inclined to follow the law in the first place. Yet, gun grabbers persist in their claims that more gun laws will somehow stop crime.

With that in mind, it seems unlikely that a new report regarding gun crime in Chicago will dissuade them.

The report, a collaboration between Chicago police, the office of the mayor and the University of Chicago Crime Lab, found that 10 dealers sold almost a quarter of the guns that were recovered at crime scenes between 2013 and 2016. About 60% of guns used in city crimes were traced to dealers outside the state, with more than 20% from Indiana.

In 95% of cases where the Chicago police were able to identify the possessor of crime gun, that individual was "not the original, lawful purchaser of the firearm" based upon the federal record at the initial point of purchase, the report said. Crime guns include all firearms recovered by police that were used or suspected to have been used in a crime, as well as any gun that is illegal possessed ....

.... So, criminals are getting their guns through criminal means? After all, straw buys are illegal as it is. .......

There is little doubt that straw purchases are a reality unfortunately, but despite that when it comes to guns getting into criminal hands, there are plenty of other sources. Theft is certainly one of those - all the more reason for law abiding gun owners to keep their guns secure - but beyond that is the black market. There are huge numbers of near untraceable firearms in circulation and those probably make up a large proportion of criminally acquired weapons, some of which also find their way into the country from 'back yard' makers in Central and South America.

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