York PA. The gun "buyback" farce

Gun buyback suckers people into
exchanging guns for pennies on the dollar

By Tony Oliva. October 31st, 2017

Gun buyback scams aren't limited to York Pennsylvania, this is just where the most recent example of a municipality suckering people into basically giving away valuable property for a gift card not worth nearly the amount that selling the firearm would fetch if sold to a gun shop.

Sources have confirmed that in gun shows from other parts of the country firearms that are desirable, or valuable such as antiques somehow avoid the grinder and make it into the private collections of the police officers running the scam. Not to impugn any department specifically or to say this is a general practice, only that it happens more often than one might think.

Our contributing writer, Dean Weingarten, gives us a breakdown of what happened at the York PA gun buyback that occurred on October 28th.

There were about 20 handguns, mostly old revolvers, turned in. At least one Colt revolver and a Smith & Wesson or two were included in the handguns turned in. Their value would have been about $400 to $600 each. A Ruger MKI .22 was turned in. They are worth about $250. One of the guns turned in was a starter pistol. I have been unable to identify any of the long guns, other than a single barreled shotgun and a .22 rifle. Some of the long guns appeared to have broken stocks.

100 gift cards had been purchased from The Villa shoe store. The money came from the York County District Attorney's office. That would be $5,000 dollars.

It seems a little strange to purchase gift cards from only one store. It is the equivalent of giving a store money.

It's one thing to turn in a rusted, broken, hunk of metal that used to be a gun for $50. It's quite another be bamboozled by the police into trading in a $600 Colt revolver for less than 10% of its worth. .......

As we have said before "buyback" is a ridiculous statement - you can't ''buy back" something which was never yours! As usual this mechanism to 'get guns of the street' is a joke and almost entirely for the "feelgood" factor. Usual participants seem to be those who feel noble handing in a gun, and those who perhaps think they will make a profit - whereas in fact often they are in a lose-lose situation. No doubt "buybacks" will continue to waste tax payer's money.

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