Shannon Watts Claims There's No
Background Checks For Long Guns In Texas

By Tom Knighton. November 6th, 2017

Shannon Watts has been at the gun control game for long enough she should at least understand what laws are on the books. After all, how can you agitate for additional laws if you don't know what's on the books, right?

Further, she likes to share her thoughts on social media sites like Twitter, where people routinely will tell you that you're as screwed up as a football bat the moment you utter anything at all, but especially if you utter nonsense. As a result of that, Watts should have a pretty good indication of what is right and what isn't, at least with gun laws.

So that means she's most likely lying with this one in the aftermath of the church shooting in Texas on Sunday. .......

Watts is at it again with inaccurate information, all the better to serve her anti-gun mission. This tends to get fed as well to the "Hollywood crowd" which further disseminates said "information", without bothering to check its veracity or even try and think with any logic. Actual facts show that the church shooter legally purchased firearms, when in fact transactions should have shown up as illegal if the system had not failed. No need for more laws - just make sure existing ones are applied. Furthermore let's celebrate the intervention of a lawful firearms owner who may well have limited the slaughter to at least some degree.

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