Sympathies for the anti-gun freaks

By Kurt Schlichter. November 9th, 2017

The synchronized leftist response to this latest attack on normal Christians was pre-planned, and it didn't matter that this time it was another militant atheist weirdo instead of an ISIS-loving foreigner. The memes and the lies were all prepped and ready, and the villain was already chosen. No surprise -- once again, it was you, the normal American who keeps and bears arms to protect yourself, your family, your community and your Constitution.

But this time it didn't go the way they wanted. Sure, they were giddy at first -- the liberals got to trash people of faith for praying, they got to tell NRA members that there was blood on their hands, and they got to demand some sort of unspecified action. But then their lying narrative took a bunch of rounds and bled out just like that useless little creep.

That's what they are really mourning -- the loss of what they saw as an opportunity to spread their poisonous lies in support of their effort to disarm Americans and change us once and for all from citizens into subjects. .......

Following the Sutherland Springs horror, as with previous mass shootings, we see the expected knee-jerk reactions from the anti-gun groups. One favorite of these is "we must do something", which is an empty statement that is a 'feel-good' palliative because it actually does nothing, but in some way seeks to promote the agenda of disarming good people. The bottom line is, that one unbalanced head case is enough to generate the wish to see the removal of rights and facilitate easy murders of upstanding defenseless citizens.

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You just have to love freedom.

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