Boston Globe Calls
For Gun Confiscation

By Tom Knighton. November 13th, 2017

Within any gun debate, gun control advocates will typically spout some platitude about how they're not wanting to ban guns outright, just certain guns. Maybe they're saying they don't want the hunting rifles, but do want the modern sporting rifles like the AR-15, whatever. Regardless of the specifics, they'll routinely say they don't want all the guns.

Of course, that's a load of bovine excrement.

While some gun control advocates may, indeed, be sincere about their lack of desire for the confiscation of all firearms, there are more than enough who do. Take, for example, David Scharfenberg at the Boston Globe.

Scharfenberg wrote an op-ed last week all about how we need gun confiscation here in the United States, much like Australia had. .......

Most anti-gun groups rely on trying to achieve creeping incrementalism - bit by bit until all guns they hope are gone. Sometimes however we hear the bold cry for confiscation, as here, and there are also even those who state the 2A should be repealed. One has to wonder within such naive ideas just how criminal guns are going to be taken, not to mention trying to disarm the millions of legal gun owners. Despite the Second Amendment enshrining our rights, complacency must be guarded against continually.

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