Winning the Gun Control
Debate in Favor of Guns

By Tom McHale. October 16th, 2017

USA --( In case you hadn't noticed, there's been a big political debate about gun control in the aftermath of the horrific Las Vegas attack. This event set the record for fewest minutes to politicize once the news hit. (*thank you, Hillary)

That got me thinking. Why the mad dash to policy "solutions?" No, seriously. Why is there always an instant knee-jerk reaction to impose gun control measures after any significant attack involving guns?

Yeah, I know, there's a deep-seated political agenda at play that seeks any and all opportunities to advance the cause. I get that. What's less obvious is why ordinary people usually not immersed in the gun rights debate jump on the same bandwagon. .......

Opinions vary considerably about how to manage discussions with the 'gun control' thinkers, and there is little doubt that certain approaches can work better than others. One objective frequently is to try and correct misinformation and educate about firearms in general, but there will always be those who are so closed minded that they refuse to even discuss the subject. By making the right approach there is though at least a chance that those who are 'on the fence' can be brought round to some semblance of understanding and appreciation for logic.
Tom McHale provides tips and talking points on how to win the gun control debate with questions rather than just facts.

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