Gun control zealots show firearms ignorance

By Jayson Veley. November 17th, 2017

Aside from the fact that their goal is to tear apart the United States Constitution and create a massive authoritarian state, what makes the progressive left particularly dangerous is the fact that they don't even understand the things that they speak out for or against.

Take the issue of guns, for example. The liberals constantly assert that there is a connection between the peoples' ability to freely purchase firearms and mass shootings that occur in this country, and as such, argue that the government needs to step in an institute more regulations and restrictions on the Second Amendment. Time and time again, however, they prove that their knowledge of firearms is next to nothing.

Such was the argument made by Fox News host Tucker Carlson during a recent debate with New York City Council member Jumaane Williams over a new gun control proposal to ban muzzleloaders. .......

Regularly we hear of repeated as well as new moves to ban or regulate certain firearms and some accessories but, here we have a move into the totally ridiculous. Now to the already long list we can add the suggestion that a ban on muzzle loaders (those often (gulp) 50 caliber guns) is regarded as desirable! Apart from the absurdity of this idea, which clearly demonstrates near total ignorance, once more it is "the gun" that is being targeted instead of being concerned about the bad guys.

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