SCOTUS Refuses Two Gun Cases

By Tom Knighton. November. 27th, 2017

The guns rights community had hoped that the Supreme Court would hear Kolbe vs. Hogan, an important case on whether assault weapon bans are constitutional. Activists also hoped the Court would rule on whether Florida's ban on open carry was constitutional.

The hope was that since two lower courts have issued conflicting rules on assault weapon bans, Kolbe would be an ideal case for the Court to settle the matter once and for all. It would have the added benefit of cutting off Dianne Feinstein's nearly annual effort to ban assault rifles at the knees. Unfortunately, the Court decided not to hear the case.

The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal from Maryland gun owners who challenged the state's assault weapons ban.

The justices left in place a federal appeals court ruling that upheld the Maryland law that does not permit the sale of a range of semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. The banned guns include those that were used in recent mass shootings in a south Texas church and at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

Not that Las Vegas or Texas should have anything to do with the constitutionality of a law, but it's ABC News. What do you expect? .......

It is somewhat surprising that SCOTUS refused to hear either of these cases, which are more than relevant to the Second Amendment. One can only guess at what decisions might have come down affecting our rights and in the meantime various states continue with their various anti-gun restrictions. As is often reminded, the 2A does not 'give' rights - it guarantees rights, but you would hardly know this much of the time.

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