More media 'fake news' about guns

By Jayson Veley. November. 25th, 2017

It's truly astonishing how little the liberals know about firearms and the Second Amendment, despite the fact that they always seem to assert themselves as experts on the matter.

In a recent NBC article that focused on the handmade semi-automatic rifles that were used in a California shooting earlier this week, authors Andrew Blankstein and Corky Siemaszko proved just how little they know about firearms when in the very first paragraph they write "multi-round magazine," which obviously is redundant and doesn't make any sense. But sadly, the embarrassing and inaccurate statements didn't stop there; in fact, it got much, much worse.

Blankstein and Siemaszko then incorrectly claim that a "legal loophole" allows people to own illegal firearms so long as they are made at home. .......

There seems little doubt that news innacuracies concerning anything to do with firearms is potentially all part of an ongoing effort to continue the objective of eradicating guns. The more the gullible public can be made to fear guns, the more the antis will feel they have support. Education is a significant part of the answer - both towards the fake news proponents as well as the general public, and this where the sensible gun owner can help.

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