Student challenges no guns on campus

By Tom Knighton. December 4th, 2017

Schools are the proverbial barrel a mass shooter can shoot fish in. They're contained spaces filled with disarmed individuals who often have been conditioned to stay and hide amid an attack. They're kind of perfect for mass shooters.

Most schools have plans for such occasions, which mostly consist of locking down the school so the potential killer can't gain access to more victims. This can work. In fact, it did in northern California recently.

But in colleges, things get a bit trickier. You see, adults tend to frown on people telling them they can't leave for their own safety. Further, you often have a number of students who are old enough to carry a firearm legally...but only if their state allows it.

At UMass, student Brad Palumbo asks just why can't he carry a firearm? .......

A university student gives thought to how campus carry should be given much greater consideration. The "gun-free-zone" syndrome is one that comes up regularly and is invariably highlighted when there has been an incident within such a zone - proving pretty much that the absence of a "good guy with a gun" opens the door to the worst results. A legitimate armed presence is no guarantee of total safety but for sure can provide at least some mitigation.

Attention Arizona - Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 12/15/17 - this event still has spaces available. For everywhere else - set up your own BoR Day and keep the Bill of Rights alive.

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