The Power of Information and Perils of Registry

By Tony Oliva. December 5th, 2017

As you may have heard, last year the FBI issued more than 4000 requests to the BATFE to seize guns from prohibited buyers. The FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is supposedly an instant background check for people trying to purchase firearms and the information is supposed to be deleted upon an successful check.

But thanks to Obama being the firearm salesmen of the year, many times the system was overwhelmed and could not process all the background checks "instantly." Federal law mandates that if a check cannot go through within a 72 hour period the sale must go forward for a right delayed is a right denied.

This is where things get interesting.

If the check eventual goes through when the FBI has time to get around to it and the gun purchaser is a felon, has a history of mental disease or is in some other way should have been denied in the first place, the ATF goes out and confiscates the guns. .......

In a recent article we put NICS in its place - it is a broken abomination! America should consider adopting the far less expensive BIDS (Blind Identification System) alternative. Information gathered during a firearm purchase is intended to be destroyed but much suggests this is generally far from the case and overall, registration is the order of the day. The very thing that greatly facilitates confiscation.

Attention Arizona - Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 12/15/17 - this event still has spaces available. For everywhere else - set up your own BoR Day and keep the Bill of Rights alive.

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