National Reciprocity Could Be the
Biggest Boon to US Gun Rights

By Luis Valdes. December 11th, 2017

There are currently an estimated 15 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States. You wouldn't think that the potential passage of national reciprocity, affecting less than 5% of Americans, would generate so much noisy opposition. But there's one very good reason the forces of civilian disarmament are so violently opposed to the specter of those who are licensed to carry firearms freely moving from state to state. It would lead to a boom in gun ownership and challenge their iron-fisted grip on gun rights in anti-gun states.

It's been a three decades long road to achieve the wide acceptance concealed carry has in so many states today.

The social stigma regarding carrying a firearm is dead or dying in all but the most hoplophobic areas of the country such as New York City, New Jersey, California, et. al. .......

Even within the gun owning community there is still some disagreement over benefits of National Reciprocity, although the majority view appears very positive. It now remains to be seen if the senate will pass this, and whether there will be any attempt to dilute the content. It would not change it seems individual state's internal restrictions on where carry is or is not allowed and also whether magazine capacity limitations would still prevail.

Attention Arizona - Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 12/15/17 - this event may still have spaces available. For everywhere else - set up your own BoR Day and keep the Bill of Rights alive.

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