Some of 2017's ridiculous anti-gun moments

By Erika Haas. December 9th, 2017

Just when we thought things couldn't get any crazier than the whirlwind year we had during the presidential election of 2016, we were served 2017. With a pro-Second Amendment President sitting in the White House and two mass shootings shaking the nation, the calls for increased gun control have grown considerably stronger.

That burning need to do something, anything, to prevent another tragedy like Vegas or Sutherland Springs - or any other act of senseless gun violence - from happening again is understandable. But it does not give anyone a free pass to throw out falsehoods and outright lies to promote their agenda.

Despite what anti-gunners think, Second Amendment advocates aren't completely against sensible gun laws. It's just that most of the suggestions being thrown out there aren't, well, sensible. That's largely due to the fact that most gun control advocates have zero to minimal understanding of firearms, the importance of our Second Amendment, and existing gun laws.

As proof, here are some of the most outrageous things anti-gunners (including gun control leaders, politicians, and reputable reporters) have slung our way this year. .......

We periodically expose the efforts of anti-gun (anti-freedom) people who try and further their unsatisfied attempts at increasing "gun control". Here we have a year's worth of examples put together by Erika Haas, proving in various ways just how many lame efforts are made to try and coerce gun haters into further action. These always need to be exposed for what they are - frequently contrived falsehoods.

Attention Arizona - Bill of Rights Day Celebration, 12/15/17 - this event may still have spaces available. For everywhere else - set up your own BoR Day and keep the Bill of Rights alive.

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