The Concealed vs. Open Carry 'Debate'

By Sam Hoober. December 18th, 2017

Other than maybe the perpetual caliber wars, one of the most dependable points of argument amongst The People of the Gun: the concealed carry vs. open carry...well, "debate" doesn't really cover it. It's more that there are people who buy into one over the other. And then proceed to tell the other side how they're wrong.

Then the rationalizations are introduced, and soon after, the whole thing descends into name-calling. As in so many internet discussions, it ultimately it gets down to both sides making the carefully-considered, nuanced point that "You're wrong because you don't like the thing I like." And this happens all the time.

As we know, concealed carry is good because a pistol held in a concealed carry holster and kept out of view won't offend people who are afraid of guns or otherwise uncomfortable around them.

Arguably they shouldn't be, and no one should really have a problem with someone open carrying. .......

This is often still seen as a contentious issue, in particular of course in states where open carry is permissible. Much depends on how "gun friendly" a state is and whether a visible weapon does or does not freak out the public. Arguments work both ways but many feel that the element of surprise is important with CCW, whereas on the other hand it is useful that people should be used to seeing a firearm without getting distressed. Either way, carry should be encouraged - part of employing our innate right of self defense.

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