Why Does Organized Medicine Hate Guns?

By Dan Zimmerman. December 21st, 2017
Original by Timothy Wheeler, MD

Why does organized medicine abhor gun ownership? Why has the public health community waged a culture war on this foundational American tradition for nearly three decades now? "Guns are a virus that must be eliminated", preached pediatrician Katherine Christoffel, one of the architects of the original American Academy of Pediatrics firearm policy. "Guns!! Guns!! Guns!! [sic]", wrote Lester Adelson, MD, in a 1992 AMA journal article, before launching into a truly bizarre dissertation on the psychology of gun owners.

Adelson's embarrassing rant and Christoffel's brazen condemnation (quoted in the now-defunct American Medical News, January 3, 1994) were published in a more innocent time, when medical gun prohibitionists were ascendant. Even though those activists now take care to conceal their motives (e.g., advocating "gun safety" instead of gun control), their actions speak louder than any of their obfuscations.

An American College of Physicians position paper advocates banning semiautomatic rifles, which includes most rifles designed and manufactured since the Korean War. .......

Many medics equate bullet wounds to a hatred of guns, probably assuming that if all guns disappeared there would then be no more injuries to treat. However, they fail as do so many, to realize that in fact guns save lives which greatly outweighs the incidence of firearm-related deaths. Probably the most ignored aspect is that of criminal guns, which will always be evident even if law abiding people were to be deprived of their means of self defense. Fortunately, there are some within medicine who do manage to see things in perspective.

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