KY: Bowling Green Eliminates
Gun Ban in City Buildings

By Dean Weingarten. January 9th, 2018

On 2 January, 2018, the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky finalized an action that repealed the city ban on the carrying of concealed weapons in city buildings. The video of the Commissioners meeting can be seen here.

Commissioner Nash (sunglasses on top of head, tie, second from left) was the lone dissenting vote. From

Bowling Green city commissioners approved in a 4-1 vote Tuesday lifting a ban on carrying concealed weapons in city buildings.

Commissioners previously voted 3-2 on Dec. 19 to eliminate the portion of a city ordinance that prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons into city buildings. With little discussion, the motion was finalized Tuesday.

When the motion was presented, Commissioner Rick Williams clarified that Kentucky law still prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons into meetings of governing bodies, such as city commission meetings.

The change was precipitated, in part, by city employees who wished to be able to protect themselves during work hours. The vote continues a trend to restore the right to bear arms in government buildings and for government employees. .......

Progress is still slow on such improvements but it has seemingly been a slow trend in the right direction in more recent times. There are still way too many restrictions on carry in various institutions, as if for some reason there is a notion that somehow they are safer than other places - that is only the most naive of thinking.

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