NJ Moves To Make Gun
Buyback Events MANDATORY

By Tony Oliva. January 4th, 2018

New Jersey is one of those states that never met a pointless and ineffective gun control policy it didn't like. In recent years it was kept in check by the otherwise beach going blowhard, Chris Christie, but even he seemed to think that gun buyback programs were actually worth doing.

But as is often the case, give an inch to rights infringers and they will want to put the bill of rights into the shredder.

In the waning hours of Christie's tenure the gun control loving pit of vipers that is the NJ Assembly and Senate are seeking control of gun buybacks on the state level, taking it away from the state attorney general's discretion.

Not only are they seeking control of it, they are seeking to make gun buybacks MANDATORY.

The bill (S1154/A2374) requires nine buyback programs a year, has already been passed 52-17-5 by the Assembly and is scheduled for a Senate budget committee vote Thursday. It could then be passed Monday, the last day of the two-year legislative session. The nine buybacks would be broken down to three in each section of New Jersey; North, Central and South. .......

It's difficult to manage with only polite comment any discussion about anything to do with 'gun control' in NJ - expletives would seem a better choice. Things are already bad enough but stand by for some extras - not only a 'bump stock' ban but a scheme to mandate gun 'buybacks'. As we repeatedly point out, no one can buy back what was never theirs and, do they really expect criminal's guns to come flooding in?

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