Media Fearmongers Over Utah's
'Stand Your Ground' Proposal

By Tom Knighton. February 1st, 2018

For better or worse, people trust the media to give them relevant information. People who want to be informed on what is going on in the world look to the news media to relay accurate information, even in opinion pieces. After all, while people are entitled to their own opinions, they're not entitled to their own facts.

Yet reporter Lee Davidson is apparently using his own facts when he fearmongers over Utah's Stand Your Ground proposal in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Despite concerns that it could lead to extra violence against minorities, a bill advanced Wednesday to beef up Utah's "stand your ground" law -- which allows people to defend themselves with force without the need to retreat, even if possible.

Such a law helped George Zimmerman escape a murder conviction in the 2012 Florida shooting of Treyvon Martin, a black teenager returning to his home from a store. The incident sparked protests nationwide, and brought new focus to such laws.

Except that Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law was never once brought up at Zimmerman's trial. .......

The "stand your ground" law, when present in applicable states, is too often regarded by many in the media as a 'get-out-of-jail-free' law - which it is not. It will only feature anyways in cases of justifiable defense/homicide. Most responsible gun owners will know that retreat is always the desirable option, but particularly when that is not possible the law gives the defender some protection. The other vital ingredient in this law often times is protection against civil suit - something which all too frequently has been very problematic, even when a criminal case has not been brought.

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