Hawaii continues it's assault against the 2A

Jayson Veley. January 30th, 2018

Once again, we have another story about left-wing politicians introducing gun control legislation that has absolutely nothing to do with mass shootings or gun-related crime.

As reported by AmmoLand.com, democratic Hawaii Senator Karl Rhoads has introduced legislation that would establish a ban on modifications that law-abiding citizens commonly make to their firearms.

While it is still pending a committee referral, SB 2046 would make it a crime to own, manufacture, possess, sell, barter, trade, gift, transfer or acquire a firearm accessory that can be used to increase the gun's rate of fire. Such accessories include competition triggers, muzzle brakes, and ergonomic changes, all of which are modifications that law-abiding gun owners commonly make to their firearms. If this legislation passes, those who modify their guns using any of the previously mentioned accessories will automatically become a criminal.

Whenever liberal politicians introduce gun control legislation like SB 2046, you'll notice that they never provide the people with any facts or evidence that proves that their new law will actually be a solution to the problem. .......

Hawaii seems to be continuing to find about everything they can to further their 'gun control' efforts. So now within their already long list of things they want to ban, we can add 'competition triggers' - really? One has to wonder just how such a modification can render a firearm to be suddenly a much more lethal device. Hawaii's disregard for people's ability to defend themselves is beyond reprehensible.

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