Left's Lie - No, you can't buy
"automatic weapons" at a gun show

By Jayson Veley. February 5th, 2018

In their never-ending quest to do away with the Second Amendment and separate the American people from their firearms, the political left routinely uses fear and scare tactics to advance their radical gun control agenda. One of the talking points that they commonly use is the false idea that Americans can simply walk into a gun store and then walk out with an automatic weapon five minutes later.

In order to prove that this assertion from the left is just a bunch of dog poop, conservative commentator and entertainer Steven Crowder decided to produce a video on it, in which he walked into a number of gun stores undercover and attempted to purchase an automatic weapon. Not surprisingly, he walked away empty-handed each and every time. (From 1/27/16 video - "Buzz words like the "gun show loophole" seem to be all the rage these days. But is there any truth to it at all? Does the myth hold water? We go undercover to find out...")

Perhaps those on the left could explain what exactly happened in the Louder with Crowder video - why was Steven Crowder unable to purchase an automatic weapon if they are supposedly so easy to get your hands on? .......

The 'gun control' crowd still insist on designating semi auto rifles such as the AR and AK, as "assault" rifles - which as gun owners know is incorrect. They are not select fire capable for full auto function. The left also still clings on to their 'gun show loophole' which does not exist - here Crowder tries numerous times to obtain a full auto, with predictably no success!

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