John Lott's Anti-Background Check New York
Times' Editorial is a Dangerous Damp Squib

Robert Farago. February 13th, 2018

Americans' right to keep and bear arms does not depend on arguments of social utility. Attacking gun control laws on the basis that society would be better off without them is a bad landing at the wrong airport. Don't get me wrong. I understand why academic John "More Stats, Less Readers" Lott went down the road in his New York Times editorial Background Checks Are Not the Answer to Gun Violence. But his arguments are far from convincing. For example . . .

The background check measures before Congress aim to improve enforcement of existing law and increase such reporting by imposing financial penalties on government officials whose agencies fail to provide required information. That's a good goal, but any proposal should also fix another major problem with the background check system: false positives that stop law-abiding people from getting weapons that they might need to protect themselves and their families.

The background check system confuses the names of law-abiding individuals with those of criminals, resulting in thousands of "false positives" every year. Relying on phonetically similar names along with birth dates just doesn't allow for much accuracy.

See what I mean? By reaffirming the FBI's mandatory background check system for firearms purchases from a federally licensed gun dealer, Lott is giving aid and comfort to gun control advocates. .......

From our 11/20/17 alert -- "NICS is an abomination. If anything, America should consider adopting the far less expensive BIDS (Blind Identification System) alternative. BIDS works like wanted posters. Instead of sending the names of millions of innocent gun buyers to the FBI, as leftists want and have implemented, the FBI simply alerts gun dealers of hardened criminals who are banned."

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