Who is to Blame for School Shootings?

By Rob Morse. February 15th, 2018
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I’ll cut right to the point. We can stop murderers from killing our kids in school, but it isn’t easy. The politicians, particularly the Florida politicians, are against it. What can we do to save our students?

We’ve asked the people who train SWAT cops what they can do. They said it takes too long to assemble a SWAT team. It takes too long to put the team in position near the school. It takes too long to clear the building and time is the enemy. Several students and staff will be shot every minute.

We asked the local police officers and sheriffs deputies. They don’t even get the 911 call until the shooting has been going on for several minutes. It takes time for law enforcement officers to race to the scene. They then have to enter the school and find the attacker before they can stop him. .......

Rob Morse gives his thoughts following the Parkland school multiple murders. One thing is pretty clear, the existence of a "gun-free-zone" does little to help mitigate such events, and yet the anti-freedom groups are lining up to advocate even more restrictions which can do nothing to make useful change - just further try and infringe on the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, 'nut-jobs' with evil intent will always be a dangerous fact of life, with or without firearms.

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