School murders and guns - a personal view

By John Overland. February 2018

I am somewhat hesitant to jump into the fray regarding the murders at Parkland and the issue of gun control but the issue is such that simply sharing a few posts from like-minded friends doesn't address the issue.

Full disclosure: I am pro-Second Amendment. I grew up with guns, have had access to them since I was around ten years old and I have served in two professions which depended upon my proficiency in a wide range of weaponry (even artillery). Lest a reader conclude that I am indifferent to the horror that occurred at Parkland, I served thirteen years in a profession in which I was responsible for protecting the innocent. Indeed, most of my friends on this website devoted their entire lives to such a career. Many have died or been wounded themselves in such service. So I am hardly indifferent to the suffering of these innocents.

The question that I have been asked the most about the Second Amendment since moving here (NY) is "Why do we want guns?" I suppose the answer is twofold: one, for me and many of my friends they are cultural. As I did, most of my friends grew up with them, many hunted with them, and I enjoy shooting them. Another and deeper reason is because I am acutely aware that there is human evil in the world. The self-appointed sophisticates may sneer, but I am convinced that it is only the evil heart that takes delight in the killing of any person, and especially of children in a school. In any event, when it comes to my family I am the first line of defense, and it behooves me to be ready and able to meet force with force should the need arise. .......

Views are many with regard to how evil becomes sufficient for someone to want to undertake mass murder, but a broad label of 'societal' issues may be applied, along with varying degrees of mental instability and, as often theorized, the effects of psychotropic medications such as benzodiazepines. The time has come to fight fire with fire and drastically reduce the inordinate numbers of "gun-free-zones" by having responsibly armed personnel 'in house'.

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