We Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools

By Rob Morse. February 25th, 2018
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After the murders in a Florida public high school, President Trump said we should allow some school staff to be armed. The Socialists were entirely predictable in the way they responded. They projected their personal fantasies onto armed teachers.

With one breath “progressives” said that school attacks were a new epidemic of dangerous proportions. Then they said that school shootings were so unlikely that an armed teacher would probably never be needed. “Progressives” said teaching is an honorable and valuable profession so teachers shouldn’t have to carry guns..but if we did let teachers go armed then they would probably go nuts and shoot someone.

We don’t have to fantasize about what will happen when school staff are armed. We already know how armed teachers behave. It is too easy to make fun of the talking heads, so let’s look at the facts instead.

10 states allow licensed gun owners to carry on college campuses. Some colleges in these states allow their staff to be armed and some prohibit it. In any case, no noteworthy increase in college campus shootings took place. You couldn’t guess or can’t remember which states allow armed college staff and which states forbid it.

After Sandy Hook, some places put more armed teachers in K to 12 schools, for roughly the same reason we put armed pilots in planes after the 911 attack. Even before the murders at Sandy Hook, well before the murders at Parkland, some states already allowed armed staff in K to 12 schools. .......

The resistance to more armed school staff continues, based in part on a perceived zero distrust of anyone as a 'civilian' - "how can they possibly be trusted?" The plain fact is that there are no instances of armed staff going postal and murdering people! Those who have had a CCW for a long time, have had some training, and are familiar with their firearm are no less able to be responsible in a school environment than anywhere else. Like it or not "guns (can) save lives".

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