Mugging victim - glad he didn't have a gun!

By Robert Farago. March 5th, 2018

Gun control advocates do their best to ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the gun rights room: armed self-defense. How in the world do you counter the idea that Americans shouldn't be defenseless against violent crime? The usual "answer" . . .

Never mind that! Disarm the attacker! Disarm all attackers! Disarm potential attackers! Disarm all potential attackers!

If you think about it -- and gun control advocates strongly suggest you don't -- that's a really stupid "argument." What happens when someone slips through the disarmament net, as they do every single day of the year, sometimes in shockingly spectacular fashion?

People die.

Generally speaking people don't want to die. So they do things to forestall the inevitable. Like . . . buy a gun.

The only way to convince someone that buying a gun is a bad way to defend themselves: tell them owning a gun is more dangerous -- lethal! -- than not owning a gun.

Never mind the millions of Americans who own and OMG carry guns without shooting themselves or any other innocent person. Or the millions of Americans -- yes millions -- who manage to use a gun to defend themselves without shooting themselves or other innocent life. .......

The choice to carry is a personal one but, to suggest that it's better not be armed seems absurd. It's true of course, having one's own weapon does not in any way guarantee survival but it sure can help balance the odds, as well as frequently detering an attack without even any shots being fired. Unfortunately it seems those with the "I won't be armed" mindset like to impose that thinking on others, to the extent that they seek control sufficient to try and disarm everyone. That of course is hardly going to affect the armed criminal.

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