Armed School Staff are the Last Responders

By Rob Morse. March 7th, 2018, 2018
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Murderers attacked our schools. That has been in the news and on our minds. Who are the first responders and who are the last responders? We'd like to think that the police will arrive to save us. Unfortunately, that isn't how crime and public violence works. The criminal is almost always gone when the police arrive minutes after we call. In cases of public violence, the murderer is stopped most of the time by people who are on scene when the attack starts..or the murderer commits suicide before the police arrive to physically stop him. So who is the first responder that will stop the attack?

What about parents? What about enforcement..and judges? They are usually involved well before the problem arrives at the classroom door. Parents raise children who can control their own behavior. Sometimes that fails. Then, concerned parents hope that therapy will help their child. We contact social workers when the family breaks down. Criminals and mass murders usually have a violent history. The police are usually the next resort when individuals won't govern their own behavior.....

..... Almost 20 million of us have the legal permit to carry concealed in public. Suddenly it is a novel idea to have armed defenders at our school who are not in uniform. We've been doing that for years outside of schools... .......

This contentious subject has become even more front and center since the Parkland massacre - and understandably. As Rob mentions, is it unusual in schools to have fire extinguishers and first aid kits - logical measures to deal with emergencies - then why not also include armed personnel? The title mentions "last responders" - in fact what we actually want by having lawful guns in schools is the ability to respond first, obviating the delays associated with waiting for law enforcement.

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