Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
on Extreme Risk Protection Orders

By Dan Zimmerman. March 13th, 2018

(Original material from Arthur Z Przebinda, MD and Robert B. Young, MD)

In the wake of the Parkland shooting we've seen a push to find solutions that would keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people who might commit atrocities.

The majority of the mass killers in recent times appear to have been mentally ill or deeply disturbed. Because mental illnesses are so varied, the mere presence of one does not indicate any risk of violence. Approximately 25% of our population experiences some mental illness at any given time.

As part of a constellation of indicators, the presence of a major mental illness (like major depression, delusions, or psychosis) can contribute to risk, along with (even more) the presence of active substance or alcohol abuse, along with threats made to targets or to acquaintances and a prior history of abusive or violent behavior. When such indicators occur, we must say something and that must be acted upon.

To address this, several states have passed "Gun Violence Restraining Order" or "Extreme Risk Protection Order" legislation aimed at interdicting potentially harmful individuals before they cause harm. We've discussed these a number of times on DRGO. .......

The full article appeared in the 'Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership' web site - always refreshing to find MD's who have sensible views on firearms ownership. The very important point to be made here is simply one of the serious potential for major abuses with "Extreme Risk Protection Orders", where lack of due process could lead to nothing short of pure gun confiscation. No tragedy warrants the abandonment of the founding principles of liberty and legal principles stemming from essential values and rights.

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