John Lott on Guns at School

By John R. Lott Jr. March 11th, 2018

President Trump thinks arming school staff and teachers deter threats. Surprise, media fact checkers from The New York Times to accuse him of "false and misleading claims" to "inaccurate facts."

The analysis has been carried on hundreds of news site. Yet, any serious look at the data shows that Mr. Trump's arguments are more clearly grounded in facts and a deeper understanding of these attacks than the fact checkers would dare let their readers know.

This isn't a theoretical debate, as 25 states to varying degrees, allow concealed handgun permit holders, including staff and teachers, to carry guns on K-12 school grounds. Some such as Alabama, New Hampshire, Utah and much of Oregon allow anyone with a regular concealed handgun permit to carry.

Other states require the approval of a school superintendent or school board. One state, South Dakota, requires 40 hours of training. .......

John Lott covers this subject with predictable and sensible observations. At risk of repetition, it must be said again that there has to be a broad effort to ''harden'' schools against mass murder - and uniformed security is not the ideal due to them being likely targets. It is the presence of CCW that can provide the best protection. (There is an embedded archive copy of the full article on JPFO.)

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