Why American Jews should
love the Second Amendment

By Jason Andrew Garshfield. March 20th, 2018

(Jason Andrew Garshfield explains why Jewish Americans should embrace the Second Amendment amid the wave of gun control debates across the United States. Among other things, Garshfield claims that if the majority of Jewish Americans were armed, there would be "sense of empowerment" among the community.)

In the days after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville last August, Jews across America were terrified . . . and justifiably so.

The Charlottesville rally spoke to an old and well-established aesthetic of authoritarianism, one with which the Jewish people are deeply familiar. It is not the first torch-bearing mob that has come chanting for Jewish blood, and it will probably not be the last.

For many Jews, however, particularly those on the political left, the Charlottesville rally was something more. To them, it was merely the latest in a long line of stepping-stones down a very dark path which the United States has been on for the past several years.

Comparisons of one's political enemies to Adolf Hitler have become anodyne in our political discourse. But for some Jews lately, the comparisons have seemed to hit a little too close to home when applied to our current president. .......

Here is a substantial op-ed opinion looking at encouraging the Jewish community to take its self defense into its own hands. Some time ago we published "Why Jews Hate Guns" - it is perhaps time now that many should reassess their stance towards being armed and look at things in general very realistically.

"You don't have to be Jewish to fight by our side."
You just have to love freedom.

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