Can Teachers Protect Our Students?

By Rob Morse. March 22nd, 2018, 2018
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Does self defense really work? Can teachers protect our students? I wondered that myself. The first thing I did was to look up the numbers. Under President Obama, the Center for Disease Control spent ten million dollars to prepare a report on armed self-defense by civilians. The CDC said that ordinary people defend themselves with a firearm about two thousand times a day. The evidence shows that we protect ourselves very well. What does that mean for teachers defending our students at school? Teachers are our neighbors. On average, they are average students of self-defense. We would expect the volunteer armed teacher to also do very well at protecting our students, but there is more to it than that.

Protecting students is a large and complex problem. It would be great to have armed and armored law enforcement officers protecting all our students all the time. We don’t, and we won’t. These very capable officers won’t be on the half million school busses we use twice a day. We have about 125 thousand schools and many times the number of school buildings. Armed officers won’t be in all of them. Officers won’t be at choir practice before school. They won’t be at theater and sports practice after school and on weekends.

The problem grows from there. These law enforcement officers won’t be at daycare centers, private schools, and church schools. The officers won’t be joining the students on field trips. Only elite members of our society can buy law enforcement to protect their children everywhere and all the time.

What can we afford to do with the resources we have? What we do is critically important. 60 percent of the time, the school murderer is stopped before the police arrive. Either the intended victims stop the murderer or the murderer stops himself. That means that school staff are really the first responders.... .......

Leaving aside those who cannot even countenance the thought of armed teachers - there is little doubt that "hardening" educational establishments has to be the way forward, and most certainly not attempts at more "gun control". That will achieve little other than infringing on the rights of the huge majority of good people.
Rob Morse helps make an informed analysis from a number of logical angles.

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