A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to 'Gun Control'

By Rob Morse. March 31st, 2018

The Socialists and their donors decided to push gun control and firearms confiscation. That didn't turn out quite the way they planned. Our culture is changing faster than our politics and our politicians can follow. Public perception is changing more rapidly than polls can record opinions and faster than the media can spin their agenda.

There was a lot of spin. Leftists groups put on a very large public relations presentation. MoveOn and Bloomberg helped pay for it. About 10 percent of the marchers actually were under 18 years old. Most of those were bussed in from Democrat controlled cities. 70 percent of the marchers were women recycled from the Women's march against Trump. Their average age was 49 years old. 89 percent reported voting for Hillary. Firearms were a secondary issue after their disdain for Trump.

What was sold as a youth movement against violence was really a facelift for old leftists causes. Of course, you didn't hear that from the mainstream news.

We clearly saw a change in tone from the gun prohibitionists. Gone was the veil of "sensible gun-safety regulation". Marchers held signs saying "F*** the NRA" while politicians called the NRA a terrorists organization, (though a unique 'terrorist organization', since crime falls when the NRA convention comes to town.) .......

As suspected, the march was a highly organized and paid for event, part of which comprized large numbers of 'anti-Trump' people. The left in general is becoming ever more rabid wanting increased 'gun control', not to mention the apparent enthusiasm from those seeking to repeal the 2A. Some states are also already deciding to join the 'more control' bandwagon, probably hoping to score voting points - all sane people however know that to blame ''the gun'' is not the answer, and yet the emotion driven madness continues.

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