Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion
and Children to Push Irrational Agenda

Dean Weingarten. April 7th, 2018
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Rolling Stone magazine crows about what is "different" about this iteration of the anti-Second Amendment movement. It isn't because students are involved. That has been tried before. What is different this time is that anti-Second Amendment billionaires built up a network across the nation. A network of paid activists that was ready to spring into action when the "right" emotional moment presented itself.


Everyone wants to know why Parkland was different. And the reason, says Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, is how quickly the community coalesced around a clear purpose: "Within hours of the shooting. We had never seen that before."

"Typically, you see a survivor here or there or a family or a community member coming out and saying, 'Stronger gun laws are needed,' but in this case, it was almost as though it was all the survivors, all the families, all of the community, and they were very, very clear in their call to action and it has helped keep this issue in the spotlight," Watts says.

The other thing that has helped keep the issue in the spotlight is infrastructure Moms Demand Action, its parent organization, Everytown, and Giffords have spent the last several years putting into place - a vast network of supporters, legislative experts, PR professionals and large amounts of money available to put behind the students' spontaneous efforts.

The Rolling Stone shows that the "student movement" is only a foil for the anti-Second Amendment movement. .......

This shows just how much emotions, and using the ''right'' moment to exploit a tragedy, facilitate the opportunity to further an agenda. The students who demonstrated were little more than pawns for the major anti rights bodies, who it can be assured are all well subsidized by the usual money sources - Bloomberg, Soros etc.

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