The "Living" Constitution Is in Serious Condition

By David Stolinsky. April 16th, 2018
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FBI raids office, home, hotel room, and safety deposit box of Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seizes computers, flash drives, phones, and records. - News report

Lifelong liberal and Hillary voter Prof. Alan Dershowitz calls raid on lawyer “really appalling,” “a dangerous day for lawyer-client relations,” and “unconstitutional.” - News report

As Martha Stewart, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and Michael Flynn learned to their sorrow, when you talk to federal agents, and you say something that contradicts what others said, you can be sent to prison - even if there was no provable underlying crime. This being the case, a Miranda warning should be required before anyone is interviewed by a federal agent.

They tell us, “See something, say something.” But as recent cases including the Parkland school shooting proved, even if we say something, they may not do anything. And as Martha, “Scooter,” and Michael proved, if you say something, they may toss you in the slammer. (Yes, Libby was just pardoned, but his career was ruined, and he lived as a convicted felon for 14 years.)

But now we have descended to the next level of government intrusion. Now we have reached, “Don’t say anything, even to your lawyer.” At any time, federal agents can raid his office, his home, his hotel room, and his safety deposit box. They can seize all his computers, flash drives, phones, and other records. And if they can do that to the President’s lawyer, they can surely do it to anyone’s lawyer, including yours. .......

Be sure to read this important article in full - it makes many observations that should gravely concern every Constitutionally minded American. There is no doubt that for far too long the Constitution has been under attack from numerous directions, which makes oaths of office frequently seem little more than the paying of lip service to a tradition. There is a very slippery slope and it has been gradually sliding down hill - "The Constitution isn't actually dying - not yet. But it is seriously ill."

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