Confiscation by "Star Chamber" Courts

By Jayson Veley. April 24th, 2018

If you pay attention to the severe constitutional violations surrounding the ongoing gun debate, it really is quite shocking. Not only are the liberals infringing upon First Amendment rights by trying to silence those who speak or write about guns on the Internet (i.e. YouTube), but they are also now looking to do away with the Fifth Amendment in order to further do away with the Second Amendment. Why? Because to the progressive left, the Constitution is irrelevant and utterly meaningless.

It's true: The Second Amendment is being targeted and the Fifth Amendment is stuck in the crosshairs. This warning comes from one of the nation's best-known advocates for the Second Amendment, Michael Hammond of the group Gun Owners of America, who explained that there is a new push coming from the left to introduce "star chamber" courtroom proceedings, which involves a prosecutor and a judge withdrawing your constitutional rights because someone claims you are a danger. (Related: The real goal of eliminating the Second Amendment is to obliterate the First Amendment and enslave us all.)

"These Gun Confiscation Orders would allow police or angry relatives to convene a secret star-chamber proceeding and get permission to ransack your house and seize your guns without any due process whatsoever," Hammond explained. "Although the various proposals differ in details, they all follow a pattern." .......

This is without doubt the greatest threat to the Second Amendment yet seen, let alone flying in the face of the fourth and fifth amendments. Where is due process, even if mentioned as being retrospective - just how long would that take to be implemented? The whole scheme is frightening in its potential and made even worse when considering a situation where a disgruntled individual can report anyone as being a danger just through vindictiveness. Ramifications can only be imagined.

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