Some Missouri Clergy Want
State to Enforce their Views

Dean Weingarten. May 5th, 2018
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Missouri is one of nine states where the government generally prohibits people from carrying firearms in church. As in any question, the government may be neutral, by doing nothing, which is the default position in the United States. Or it may actively interfere by making a law and/or enforcing it.

According to, there are two states that ban concealed carry in churches, Nebraska and Louisiana. Nebraska allows a church to authorize an armed security team if the team members have carry permits and if written notice is given to church members. Louisiana law is similar, but requires an extra eight hours of training every year. Seven states and D.C. require the permission of a church leader to conceal carry firearms in church. 41 states treat carry in churches the same as any other private property. In Missouri, HB 1936 would remove the current state requirement.

Wyoming recently reformed its law to remove state government from the question. .......

Church carry has long been a contentious issue, although over time views seem to have softened to a degree. The one thing that should not happen is for government to make decisions on the matter and impose any legislative action. The ideal is to treat a church the same as any other private property.

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