Electronic Health Records
Threaten the Second Amendment

By DRGO. May 3rd, 2018

We dodged the bullet. It is now 2018 and we have seen a year of Second Amendment support from the President that would not have been the case if his opponent had won the election.

Still, eternal vigilance is required to safeguard our rights. So, I would like to alert the reader to a sinister threat in the realm of health data that will be with us regardless of who is in charge in politics.

What is this danger?

It is the misuse of health services and health data to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Below are some examples that serve as a warning. Regrettably, I can offer only a few ideas on how to minimize the risks of information falling into the wrong hands.

Since so much of our lives is governed by electronic data and we have seen security beaches, it is obvious that electronic health data can also be vulnerable. Whether such data is misused inadvertently or maliciously, it does not matter if you are the victim of it. And there are a number of risks inherent in such electronic data collection and access. .......

It's pretty much a fact that these days privacy is fast becoming a thing of the past - potentially enhanced by the potential for data theft by hackers. So much is stored with no absolute guarantee of security. Perhaps one thing in particular we should take out of this is the need to be discrete over advertising one's gun ownership - it might sadly even be considered unwise by some to display an NRA car sticker.

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