CA Dem Wants Your "Assault" Weapons, by Any Means

By Ethan Huff. May 7th, 2018

A California Democrat was recently given a platform by USA Today to publish a shocking editorial that calls for nationwide confiscation of all "military-style semiautomatic assault weapons" from law-abiding citizens.

Representative Eric Swalwell from California's 15th District wrote that all so-called "assault" weapons need to be banned, and that a federal gun buy-back program needs to be instituted in order to effectively collect them all from the citizenry.

Rep. Swalwell even goes a step further, insisting that those who refuse to hand over their "assault" weapons be criminally prosecuted -- including law-abiding gun owners who have never been convicted of committing a crime with their legally-purchased weaponry.

Not content to simply impose a fresh ban on all new "assault" weapon purchases, which in and of itself is unconstitutional, Rep. Swalwell actually wants to see door-to-door gun confiscation teams engage in Nazi-style removal tactics in order to rid the streets of all firearms that he personally deems reckless and unnecessary. .......

Another example of the demonic leftists who wish to disarm legal gun owners, even totally disregarding their lack of criminal record or wrong doing. Once again it is the hated "assault" weapons that get targeted and yet as usual one has to wonder just how this would remotely affect criminals, considering that even if such a ban was ever effected, there would still be multiple thousands of such weapons available through underground sources. Remember booze under prohibition!

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